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John Soper (c1656-1742/3) migrated to America from England about 1676, and settled in Calvert County which in part became Prince Georges County. By 1696, John was a civil officer signing a communication to the king, "congratulating your majesty of your deliverance from the horrid designed assassination against your sacred person". William III, William of Orange, ruled from 1650-1702. John reportedly married Mary Yates, who probably died before 1742. John's will dated November 9, 1742, and probated April 11, 1743, indicates his time of death and lists his children: John; Robert; Esther (Duvall); Mary (James); Phillis/Phillice (Lowe); Leah; Jemima; and names grandsons, John and Robert Soper, children of an unknown, deceased son. In addition, Mrs. Belle Napoli, Rockville, Maryland, lists children: Acquilla (Shaw); Lucy (Lashly); and Priscilla Soper. At this writing, we lack data on all but son, John Soper.

John Soper (before 1702-1768), son of John Soper (c1656-1742/3), of Prince Georges County, Maryland, married Susannah ( -1788). John's will probated March 28, 1768, lists children: John (1724/5-1801); James 1732-1795): Basil (1742-1825); Thomas; Nathan; Susannah (Darnell); and Mary (Ellis). For sons Charles, Thomas, and Nathan, we have no data.

John Soper (1724/5-1801) was born in Prince Georges County, Maryland. Recordings in Prince Georges County 3eed Books indicate that John may have married Martha, the daughter of Francis Mcgruder, of the famous Mcgruder Family of Maryland. However, the BIOGRAPHICAL CYCLOPEDIA (p 683) states he married Miss Martha Guttrage. Martha Mcgruder was born in 1726, and probably died in 1793. John's children as expressed in his will that was probated June 26, 1801, and other data were: Elizabeth (1747- ), who married Leonard Soper; Zadock (1749-1796); Susannah (1752- ); Mary (More/Moore) (1753/4- ); Massey (Mayhew); Rebecca (Hurley); John (1762-1812); Robert (1769-1850); Basil; and Nathan Soper. tn addition, Mrs. Belle Napoli, Rockville, Maryland, lists Sarah (Hurley). We lack data on Nathan Soper.

Elizabeth Soper (1747- ) married Leonard Soper (1742-1809) of Maryland. Leonard Soper's ancestral line is unknown at this writing. Children of Leonard and Elizabeth were: Mary (1767- ); Alexander (1772- ); John (1773- ); Leonard; Eleanor (Childs) (1775- ); Ellender (Ridgeway); Henry; Levin (1787- ); Jesse; Nathaniel; Cassander; and Margaret (Brashers).

Levin/Leven Soper (1787- ) may be the Levin Soper who married Kitty Lowe, in 1808, in Prince Georges County, Maryland. We also have a Levin Soper, who married Martha Ann . They had a daughter, Ann Elizabeth Soper (1841- ). This may have been a second marriage for Levin Soper.

Zadock Soper (1749-1796), the son of John Soper (1724/5-1801), was born in St. John's, Prince Georges County, Maryland. About 1770, Zadock married Ann (1750-1796). Their children included: Mary (1771- ); Rachel (Vollume) (1774-1871); Elizabeth, Nathan (no data); Amelia; and Hesses Soper.

John Soper (1762-1812) was born in Prince Georges Parish, Montgomery County, Maryland, and died in Jessamine County, Kentucky. John married Rebecca Higgins. Their children were: John H. (c1790- ); James(1792-1861); Robert (c1794- ); Benjamin Franklin (1796-1877); Rebecca(c1798- ); Martha/Pattie (Baxer/Baxter) (1799- ); Lourena (1801-), who married Laurence Soper (1800-1877); Nellie (Chrisman) (c1803- ); and Amelia (Chandler) (c1804-1895). John removed to Kentucky, about 1804. A11 the children were born in Prince Georges Parish, Montgomery County, Maryland.

John H. 'Jack' Soper (c1790- ), reportedly married his cousin, Mary/Polly . They had a son, Henry Clay Soper. (No data). James Soper (1792-1861) was born in Montgomery County, Maryland. He married Elizabeth 'Betsy' Bibb. Their children included: William Bibb; Robert; Nancy (Allen); John; Edward; Amos; and Ora Soper; Robert married Sallie___ . We have no further data on this line. Robert Soper (c1794- ) was born in Montgomery County, Maryland. He married Sallie Proctor, of Lancaster, Garrard County, Kentucky. Their children included: Robert Soper and Maria (Jasper).

Benjamin Franklin Soper (1796-1877) was born in Montgomery County, Maryland, and died in Kearney, Clay County, Missouri. In 1817, he married Nancy Tapp (1801-1879), in Jessamine County, Kentucky, where Nancy was born. Benjamin and Nancy moved to Clay County, Missouri in 1830, where Benjamin served as Justice of the Peace for twenty-four years. Nancy died in Kearney, Clay County, Missouri. Children included: Eliza A. (Neff) (1817-1865); Armeida Jane (Estes) (1818-1860); Martha Elizabeth (M1 Brower/Brawner M2 Tricklett) (1820- ); Louisana (Young) (1822- ); Ann Maria (Newby/Newly)(1824-1879); Armilda (Lincoln) (1826-1917); John Lewis (1829-1880); Emily Francis/Frances (M1 Kelly M2 Shaver M3 Dollis) (1831- ); James W. Preston (1833-1864), who remained single; Pendleton Tapp (1835-1909); Emmaline T.(Morriss) (1838- ); Benjamin Franklin (1843-1865); and Alfred Ballard Soper (1845-1932). Children born 1817-1829 were born in Kentucky. The others were born in Missouri.

John Lewis Soper (1829-1880) was born in Jessamine County, Kentucky, and died in Clay County, Missouri. In 1849, he married Mrs. Sarah Hyatt Estes (c1829- ), who was born in Missouri. Their children included: Samuel( -1887); Edward Bates (1855-1899); W.Q. Soper; and a daughter married to P.H. Crafton. In 1880, a tragedy occurred when John was murdered allegedly by his son, Edward Bates Soper. Detail is lacking on W.Q. Soper. Please see Edward Bates Soper this compendium in Interesting Stories.

Samuel Soper ( -1887), a distinguished educator in Missouri and a graduate of Kirkville, now Northwestern Missouri State University, was born in Clay County, Missouri. Although, never tried or convicted, some have reasoned that Samuel was poisoned by his brother, Edward Bates Soper.

This is all from the New Soper Compendium, compiled by Dawn & Earl

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