Buffalo Center, Ia.
March 6 - ‘49

Dear Cousin Tom and fam: -

Received you dear letter and also the “Hillsboro” paper, and was certainly glad to receivesame. My hearteest (sic) congratulations to you and your family of being the First Citizen of your town and Community. Surely we can be proud when we as Christians give such a good account of ourselfs (sic), and I for one am happy and proud for it. It is a great blessing to be an example for others. Am so glad to hear that your sons too are doing so well, and hope and pray that they too are young men who love their Lord and Saviour. Would so love to meet your wife and fam. as well as yourself. Now you would like to know something about yours and my grandparents, and and I’m glad that I’m still able to do so.


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