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Peter Pan

November 21, 1999

“Peter is the sun, the moon, and the stars!!!”

So says Tiger Lily in the Theatre in the Grove's production of Peter Pan, which opened Friday night to a nearly full house. Erin Bronleewe made her acting debut as a member of the tribe of tie-dyed Indians who sing, dance, and stomp their messages to Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, skateboards safely in hand. The play is directed by Bonnie Mott, who has directed numerous children's play at both the Theatre in the Grove in Forest Grove, and H.A.R.T. (Hillsboro Actor's Repertory Theater), in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Remaining show dates are:

Sunday, November 28, 2:30 pm

Friday, December 3, 8 pm
Saturday, December 4, 8 pm
Sunday, December 5, 2:30 pm

Friday, December 10, 8 pm
Saturday, December 11, 8 pm
Sunday, December 12, 2:30 pm

For more information, call 359-5349.
To reserve tickets, call 357-2366.
Tickets: $12 adults; $9 children/students/senior citizens
No video cameras, flash photography, or babies.

Peter Pan - Review of a Stage Production

November 1999

The Theatre in the Grove's production of Peter Pan, based on the classic story by James M. Barrie, is directed by Bonnie Mott of Hillsboro, Oregon. It is an entertaining version that introduces an updated look while staying true to the original story. The dialogue, plot, and music are essentially unchanged, just as Peter himself remains unchanged throughout the years, but the Indians take on the look of modern free spirits, wearing tie-dyed t-shirts, flood pants, and high top sneakers as they sing, dance, and stomp their way through the play, using skateboards as percussion instruments rather than as a mode of transportation.

The Pirates are portrayed as overaged teenaged rebels from the pre-Beattle era - refugees from a biker gang, led by the obsessively fastidious but evil egomaniac, Captain Hook. Their song and dance routines give the “tough guys (and gals)” a more whimsical image.

Tinker Bell has gone hi-tech, wearing Laser Red rather than the Bright White light of days gone by. The Lost Boys, in their “sweats”, have no pockets until Wendy comes and makes some pockets for them at Peter’s request. Wendy, John, and Michael, of course, fly off to Neverland in their night clothes and never do have any pockets. Peter has little need for pockets himself, since a fanny pack carries quite enough Fairy Dust for all those who fly off with him.

Powder Puff Triple Crown Complete

November 20, 1999

Thanks to the defensive skills of senior Laura Bronleewe, among others, Century High Juniors failed to score a single touchdown in last week’s Powder Puff Football game. The Senior Powerhouse rolled over the Juniors 28 - 0. For many, the most exciting moment of the game came when Bronleewe, who had only played defensive positions previously, caught a pass and took it in for a touchdown, causing her teammates on the sidelines to go wild and block the view of the school’s cameraman, Laura’s younger brother, Peter Bronleewe, preventing him from filming the momentous event.

This was the first such contest for the lowly Juniors, as is usually the case with Powder Puff Football, but the powerful Senior players are no strangers to the field of honor. Because of the lack of a Senior class the first year that Century was in operation, this year’s Senior team successfully competed as Sophomores against that year’s Juniors. The following year, as Juniors, the same team again dominated their upperclasswomen. It is no surprise to any, except perhaps this year’s Juniors, that this experienced team of Senior players will retire undefeated, with a win/loss record of 3 - 0.

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